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Silence of Centerville


Silence of Centerville was my third Southern Iowa based novella. It takes place mostly in Centerville, Iowa during the 1940's and is my attempt to pay tribute to the beautiful homes and history of the town. More than that, it is a look back on what it must have been like to be deaf in that era.

The main character, Frank Schantz, is forced to deal with losing his hearing in the midst of World War II. In an era where illness is always something to be suspect of and deafness was considered a form of mental retardation, Frank struggles to come of age and discover the significance of his being. 

During the course of writing this book, Frank became more real to me than any other character I have created. In fact, I have even had people tell me that they have searched for Frank after reading the book, believing that he was a real person.  

Originally written as a local novella, the story of Frank Schantz has become a treasured favorite of readers both near and far. To better tell this beloved story, I have released an updated version for 2013, more carefully edited and polished to preserve Frank and his story for all time. 

I look forward to hearing from each of you about this novel and what you thought of it. Thank you for taking the time to read about Frank, and all of my work. 



  1. I am most of the way through this book. It is a moving, haunting, well written story, and it is not difficult to forgive the typos and errors. As to Frank hearing a typewriter: there are many ways to "hear" and this boys interior life is rich with senses that would permit him to "hear" a typewriter. I hesitate to say that Malone created this character, because as others have said, he is so real and has borne his burden well. Malone may have created him, but Malone no longer owns him; he lives on his own in Centerville as certainly as Einstein created the multi-universe. This is a book worth reading; I will be sad when I finish it; but I don't think it will leave my consciousness for a long time.

  2. Thanks Doc. The final, revised version is coming as soon as the author can get his attention deficit disorder in check long enough to finish it up. Frank Schantz deserves it. I will have to send you a copy.

    Thanks for reading...everything!


  3. Thanks so much for writing. Our book club in Hanlontown, IA, is reading your book this month. I really enjoyed it. Frank tells us he has no religion, but I found his life was blessed by grace. A beautiful story.