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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Great Read From an Independent Author

My Five Star Review:
The Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives tells an enchanting story. However, for this reader, the journey into the writing of Chaunce Stanton transcended the story itself. Mr. Stanton has created some incredible prose within this novel, worthy of standing alone as, if not poetry, then as moments of literary genius. As when reading classic works, I found myself reviewing sentences and paragraphs to savor them all the more, and even writing them down to better remember them and appreciate both style and structure. I'll not speak to the plot for fear of giving it away, except to say that layers of depth exist beyond this apparently simple tale. I would recommend this book to anyone who has genuine appreciation for the craft of the written word, and I look forward to reading future works from this author. 

What can I say about Chaunce Stanton the author? Almost nothing that he hasn't already said about himself. Stanton doesn't have a serious bone in is body. He is a prankster and a whacky jester without a court; a clown without (a) class! There isn't anything apparently serious about the man at all...and yet he has managed to create some very serious literary fiction in his latest work, The Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives. 

Like any great work of literary fiction, I doubt that you'll ever see it on the shelves of the Mega Mart beside a Fifty Shades trilogy, and it is far too literary and complex to be appreciated by most of the instant gratification world we live in. BUT, it will always be among my favorite works and I will, in all seriousness, read anything that Stanton creates in the future. The story was good. The writing was phenomenal. It teeters at times, upon the edge of perfection that every writer aspires to.

For the purpose of full disclosure, and to those who might be thinking that I am only posting this because Chaunce Stanton is probably a friend of mine, I say this:

I am from Iowa. Chaunce Stanton is from Minnesota. We are sworn enemies and it is likely that we could inflict grave injury to one another in the future, engaged in some  snowball skirmish (we pack them with ice so they hurt more) between the states. 


Thanks for Reading, Everyone!



  1. Chaunce Stanton was biten by a Minnesota mosquito and developed superpowers as a result. Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives was the result. Minnesota mosquito are noordinary Iowa mosquitoes. Minnesota mosquitoes have been known to carry off small children to their nests and raise them as their own. Their magic abilities are now coursing through Chaunce Stanton's blood and spilling into his writing. Prepare to be moved if you dare to read it.

    1. Doc, you're correct about one thing...they do have abnormally large mosquitoes in them there north woods. And the people up there are equally as annoying with their funny accents, the usage of 'eh' after every sentence, and the lingering breath that betrays their love for rotten fish.

      Forget that I was born there, Doc. At the very least, I had the good sense to get out young.

  2. This was a really nice surprise, Mr. Malone. I give your 5-star review 5 STARS, sir. Clearly your impeccable taste in literature is exceeded only by your fondness for squirt cheese.

    1. Leave my sex life out of this, Stanton. That's a hate crime, calling me out like that. What happens between a consenting adult male and his not nearly as consenting squirt cheese is none of your damned business.