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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Writer's Four Letter Word...W-O-R-K

Buzz at the end of a workday
I've received a bit of ridicule as of late from my author friends about my online absence. The fact is that I've been busy working (an apparently foreign concept to them). By the time I get home from my job, feed the animals, tend to the plants and feed my own yap, I'm usually pretty pooped. Hell, I haven't even had time to do any of the editing that I so love and enjoy.

Link to Writer's Community LAHK

My absence in the G+ writer's community, Literary Agents Hate Kittens, has even led to some speculation about what I might be up to by some folks who obviously have entirely too much time on their hands...

Like Timothy Hurley's post theorizing that I must've been an NSA spy all along, and was probably busy writing a new book about it. A book, that Doc Hurley was kind enough to create this original cover art for.
Timothy Hurley's Site

Or Chaunce Stanton's (way, way, way too much time on his hands) take on my whereabouts. However, the two left hands would explain the huge number of typos I find in my writing.
Chaunce Stanton's Site

But the truth is far less exciting than either of the above dim witted hypotheses. The truth is that I've just been working. And it's about to get much, much worse too, because in coming days I'll be leaving my grinding, mind numbing job...

...for an exciting, fast paced career. Sadly, that will mean even less blog posts than now. I know this won't sit well with my regular readers (sorry, mom!), but duty calls. And who knows...it might even possibly, just maybe, lead to the kind of monetary windfall that hires actual editors (we can only hope) so I won't ever have to re-read that new manuscript again and wonder about my comma, placement.

That doesn't mean I'll be losing myself to the new career entirely. I'll still be writing some new posts now and again here, and visiting the community in G+, and writing for all of those the wonderful nonpaying websites and e-zines. And there are some upcoming events I already have chiseled into my schedule...

The Iowa City Book Festival "is a three-day celebration of books, reading and writing. The festival includes readings, discussions, and demonstrations by various authors, illustrators and book making experts." But forget about all of the experts, because the aspiring stalker in you will be able to hunt me down there and purchase one of my books (I'll be the tall one with gorilla arms and two left hands, being encircled by world war I era fighter planes).

Anyhow, if everything goes as planned, then you can meet all three of us in person (Buzz, Chaunce, and Doc Hurley) at the Iowa City Book Festival. Least ways, I plan on being there no matter how unreliable the other two might be. And, again (and this time with a much bigger IF), each of us should have copies of our newest books in hand to sell, sign, and giveaway following countless hours of boredom without any sales.  If you're in the continental U.S. then we'll look forward to seeing you there. If you're penniless and have to hitchhike, we can always let you sleep on Doc Hurley's hotel room floor...but you should be aware... he bites. No really. A certified sleep biter. 

Doc Hurley is going to make a scheduled stop between the coasts for once and hock his book, Shortstack (if the pressure of finishing the thing doesn't crush him before then. Chaunce Stanton is planning on finally having words to go along with the impressive cover and cool marketing graphics that he apparently completed years before he ever even began to write the thing. 

And, of course, I'll be there as well, hopefully having finished editing THE GREATEST STORY EVER WRITTEN entitled, Losing Meadow Brook. Or at least, the greatest story ever written about four old men and a road trip to Cuba. Roads to Cuba? Hmmmm.

In the meantime, please keep writing folks! And thank you all so much for reading and making this little blog such a huge success.




  1. I'm disappointed you're not a NSA spy. You're just a guy with a career? Hell, I did that. Let me know when you have a job at the NSA.
    Or do you secretly already have a job at the NSA?
    You know what they say about fiction writers. If you piss one off you'll be a character in a story. If I can get it finished and into Shortstack, expect to meet Buzz O'Brien, catfisherman at the Iowa Book Festival.

    1. Doc! Thanks for stopping by between your sporadic bouts of writing. Good luck in getting that thing finished on time. And, please, be aware that anything with the name Malone included in it is almost guaranteed not to sell more than ten copies. As for the NSA, as many times as you've made mention of them as of late, rest assured that there is entire department assigned to your case. I'll be looking for you to disappear in the near future along with every online post and comment that you've ever made, until I awake in an alley late one night and say, "Doc who?"

  2. Buzz, pressing redial on your cellphone to hear the winning lottery numbers is NOT a "fast-paced career." Put down the phone, stick to scracth-off tickets, and start getting your head back in the game. *sniff-sniff* We miss you.

    Iowa will be a blast, by the way. How big is your car? Comfortably sleep three?

    1. Thanks Chaunce, but I've run out of resources to continue my five year powerball plan. I'll still be sitting around all day doing nothing and commenting in online communities in spirit though, just not really.

      And, please, don't worry about any of the finances regarding the Iowa City Venue. I've already convinced Hurley to let me handle all of the reservations, so I'll be putting him up in a three room luxury suite and having it direct billed to whichever home he isn't currently at when I make the reservations (he's old AND loaded, and won't think a thing of paying a bill for a few grand I figure). Which reminds me, I need to call them and ask if we can get that with a stocked bar and have it added to the room tab...

  3. I have this fear that Doc's squeaking rubber sheets will keep me awake as he tosses and turns all night, giggling maniacally to himself about all the "zingers" he's going to post in the morning. That and the jars of urine. Why does he need all of that urine?

    1. "Zingers," hee hee. LOL.

      As for the urine, it has something to do with his odd obsession of Irish whiskeys, and trying to recapture what he refers to as the angels' share of the alcohol in it.

  4. Buzz, looking forward to your next book and seeing how you managed to build a road to Cuba.

    I've been offline a lot lately giving my blog a makeover and looking into creating a more classy looking website/blog. The Libra in me is making that difficult. Offer me too many choices of designs and hosting sites and colors and pretty pictures...and I just get all jumbled like Dorothy and the Scarecrow skipping around in circles trying to decide which direction to go on the Yellow Brick Road.

    And then there's the little diversion into the world of film that came out of no where. Red Carpet here I come (really, there's a red carpet opening night). Last summer I was a member of a 5-person production team for a documentary in Belize. Turns out a short version of that project has been accepted into an international film festival and nominated for an award. All along I thought that would happen with the academy award winning movie version of my novel staring Johnny Depp. Of course I guess I have to actually finish and publish the novel first. In the meantime our film recognition is quite an unexpected and exciting honor.

    At any rate...I hope you keep us entertained as often as you can. Your blog is the bright spot in my day---well, actually that big yellow ball in the sky reflecting off the sea and sand is blinding bright. Your blog doesn't blind me--only causes a welcome chuckle and smile. "Chuckle"--I never use that word.

    1. Carmen,
      Congratulations on your exciting new film career! That is fantastic news. I am reminded of a time when an obscure and unknown (at least to me) film maker contacted me and asked if I would do some leg work for a little project he was working on. Being ever vigilant and on the look out for opportunities to involve myself in creative efforts where absolutely no chance at financial compensation exists, I agreed. The unknown artist/producer turned out to be Robert Greenwald, and the project was the documentary Wal-Mart, The High Cost of Low Prices. I never did get a check for my efforts, but if you look on page 187 of the credits, you'll find my name listed as a "field producer."

      There never was any red carpet rolled out for me either, but as more and more people were watching the film and talking about it, I got the satisfaction of saying, "I am a field producer of that film." To which they invariably replied, "Yeah, right."

      As always, thank you for reading. Please keep us posted on where we can see this film of yours!


  5. That's why I haven't been receiving comments about my ever present animals....I get it:) I just too a week off of social media myself and now am full re-energized to jump back in! I hope to read a lot more Buzz...Even if it's only once a week? once a month? soooo what is it?

    1. Hally,
      I don't know what it will be, but I'll be around, always with you in spirit, lurking in the shadows, somewhere...