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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Writer's Four Letter Word...W-O-R-K

Buzz at the end of a workday
I've received a bit of ridicule as of late from my author friends about my online absence. The fact is that I've been busy working (an apparently foreign concept to them). By the time I get home from my job, feed the animals, tend to the plants and feed my own yap, I'm usually pretty pooped. Hell, I haven't even had time to do any of the editing that I so love and enjoy.

Link to Writer's Community LAHK

My absence in the G+ writer's community, Literary Agents Hate Kittens, has even led to some speculation about what I might be up to by some folks who obviously have entirely too much time on their hands...

Like Timothy Hurley's post theorizing that I must've been an NSA spy all along, and was probably busy writing a new book about it. A book, that Doc Hurley was kind enough to create this original cover art for.
Timothy Hurley's Site

Or Chaunce Stanton's (way, way, way too much time on his hands) take on my whereabouts. However, the two left hands would explain the huge number of typos I find in my writing.
Chaunce Stanton's Site

But the truth is far less exciting than either of the above dim witted hypotheses. The truth is that I've just been working. And it's about to get much, much worse too, because in coming days I'll be leaving my grinding, mind numbing job...

...for an exciting, fast paced career. Sadly, that will mean even less blog posts than now. I know this won't sit well with my regular readers (sorry, mom!), but duty calls. And who knows...it might even possibly, just maybe, lead to the kind of monetary windfall that hires actual editors (we can only hope) so I won't ever have to re-read that new manuscript again and wonder about my comma, placement.

That doesn't mean I'll be losing myself to the new career entirely. I'll still be writing some new posts now and again here, and visiting the community in G+, and writing for all of those the wonderful nonpaying websites and e-zines. And there are some upcoming events I already have chiseled into my schedule...

The Iowa City Book Festival "is a three-day celebration of books, reading and writing. The festival includes readings, discussions, and demonstrations by various authors, illustrators and book making experts." But forget about all of the experts, because the aspiring stalker in you will be able to hunt me down there and purchase one of my books (I'll be the tall one with gorilla arms and two left hands, being encircled by world war I era fighter planes).

Anyhow, if everything goes as planned, then you can meet all three of us in person (Buzz, Chaunce, and Doc Hurley) at the Iowa City Book Festival. Least ways, I plan on being there no matter how unreliable the other two might be. And, again (and this time with a much bigger IF), each of us should have copies of our newest books in hand to sell, sign, and giveaway following countless hours of boredom without any sales.  If you're in the continental U.S. then we'll look forward to seeing you there. If you're penniless and have to hitchhike, we can always let you sleep on Doc Hurley's hotel room floor...but you should be aware... he bites. No really. A certified sleep biter. 

Doc Hurley is going to make a scheduled stop between the coasts for once and hock his book, Shortstack (if the pressure of finishing the thing doesn't crush him before then. Chaunce Stanton is planning on finally having words to go along with the impressive cover and cool marketing graphics that he apparently completed years before he ever even began to write the thing. 

And, of course, I'll be there as well, hopefully having finished editing THE GREATEST STORY EVER WRITTEN entitled, Losing Meadow Brook. Or at least, the greatest story ever written about four old men and a road trip to Cuba. Roads to Cuba? Hmmmm.

In the meantime, please keep writing folks! And thank you all so much for reading and making this little blog such a huge success.