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Monday, April 22, 2013

Brand Spanking New (Sort Of) for 2013!

I am pleased to announce the release of my almost brand spanking new novel entitled SILENCE OF CENTERVILLE is finally upon us. Okay, so it isn't really brand spanking new, but it does have a new cover AND has been edited two (count em, two!) more times and revised to take out some of the more beloved parts, like where the deaf main character miraculously recovered his hearing long enough to "hear" something, or the time where a girl's hair color changed from one page to the next.

Not Actually Author, Dr. Timothy Hurley (he's much angrier in real life)
I would like to thank my author friend, Dr. Timothy Hurley, who took the time to read a previous version of SILENCE OF CENTERVILLE, and nit pick the minutest of details, thus shaming me into adding apostrophes and correcting my improper usage of the word 'there' to the correct form of 'their' in Chapter 23 (it ruined the entire story, I guess). While the story, in its' entirety has remained virtually unchanged, the newest version should serve the dual purpose of pleasing English majors and crotchety retired doctors, as well as enticing my mother and Aunt Minnie to purchase new copies due to the shiny new cover.

SILENCE is available on Amazon both in paperback and for the Kindle. Signed copies are available through the author (that's me) and will be priced individually based upon the financial well being of the purchaser (libraries or children = $8.00 each, retired doctors $554.95 each).

And now...back to work with me...editing more manuscripts. Thanks for reading!



  1. "Signed copies are available through the author (that's me) and will be priced individually based upon the financial well being of the purchaser"

    Does this mean you are going to send me one for free ;)

    1. Yes, Roze...just as soon as Doc Hurley's check clears.

  2. This is pretty nice, Buzz. Personally I liked the older version where their was there or they're on alternate pages, and your served the same function as you're. Truthfully, I would have preferred it if you'd translated the entire book into text speak. Ur gona lik ths bk. ROFL. Next edit. Just think of editing as the times your old man took you out to the shed to give you a switching and told you, "This is for your own good. You're going to thank me some day."
    Cool new cover. And I already stole the pic of the AOM.

    1. Ha! LOL. I love the text speak idea, Doc. I'll go with that on some future edition, or perhaps when I finally write my very own zombie vampire book. Literary agents across the country would be calling it "cutting edge" and "groundbreaking" and the like I reckon.

      I'll ship you a revised copy as soon as your check clears, Doc, then you can be the first kid in your borough (or on your burro, or is it burrow?) to find a typo or misused word! God knows they're still in there somewhere, hiding and waiting to strike out at me like a brick in the back of the head.

      Thanks for reading...everything, Doc!