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Monday, January 28, 2013

Worst Literary Agent Rejection Ever

And, we have a winner! I just received the single worst literary agent rejection in modern history.
Okay, so a couple of questions immediately pop into my head. First, is this a form reply? Second, if it isn't a form reply, then why is she telling me that she only provides editorial feedback to her clients?

Thank you for your query.  I have reviewed it and decided to pass.  Please note that I only provide editorial feedback to my clients.

Thank you for thinking of _______________ and I wish you the best with your writing in future.
Was there something wrong with my query? Or my manuscript? What kind of editorial feedback is she talking about? OMG. What have I done wrong? What's wrong with me? Why do I even bother getting out of bed in the morning? This is awful!
Oh. Nope. Wait. False alarm. I just 'googled' the rejection and it turns out, it's just another automated spam form response again. No worries. No cause for panic. It's not a terrible manuscript (as far as you know), just a really shitty response form letter. Thanks for caring, literary agent lady.


  1. Dear Buzz,

    You are lucky to have at least received a response. I've been chasing the only couple of names that are promoted as the best literary agents in India and believe me, they are taking longer than the publishers to revert. I've been sitting on my manuscript for quite some time now and beginning to get a book-jacket rear. After a two month wait, should I continue to pursue or accept it as a rejection and mope?

  2. Dear Jas,

    It's important to remember that literary agents are extremely busy people. They receive thousands of queries every year. These queries are placed into a "slush pile" and are reviewed by the janitor in the basement of the agency. If you didn't have an author friend refer you to the agency, you probably should have already began the moping process...mmm...about two months ago. Thanks for Reading!

  3. LOL! I hate form rejections like that one! I'd rather have a simple, NO, typed in caps than a misleading letter. On the other hand, if I had Darth Vader in my corner, I bet nobody would tell me NO! Muahaaaa! :P

    1. I actually received an even worse one, in reply to something that I had sent out three months ago. It said that she had really enjoyed my style, and how talented I was, etc.

      Then, I googled the words and found the same ones on about five different writer's sites. SPAM. Damn it, Celeste. How hopeful I must be to get taken in time and again.

      Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, you had better be an agent with a nice rejection spam letter, because that's the only way that I can continue to be fooled over and over again.

      Thank you for actually reading (if this post isn't really spam anyways). :)


  4. the funniest thing is the error she makes. "and I wish you the best with your writing in future."

    should that be "in THE future"? ;-)

    maybe she needs editorial review...