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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Most Amazing Thing Ever!

I have some amazing news! I mean, some really incredible, top notch information. First, I got my new Norton Anti-virus in the mail today! I know, right? That means my four day run of clicking on each new site and opening emails in deathly fear of catchin' something are finally over!

But that's not the really big news. The biggest most amazing, fantabulous thing is that when I opened the computer dock to put in the Norton CD, guess what??? That's right...I found my long missing soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou! Woo Hoo!

Yes, I know they make music that doesn't require CD's any more.

No, I don't how to use that stuff.

No, I don;t want you to show me how. I'm really not interested.
So, in celebration of finding the soundtrack (good God, I must never use CD's in my computer any more because it has been missing for months), and because I am busy writing a pitch for an emerging novel contest...I give you...a photo montage!
There, now wasn't that nice?

Thanks for Reading!

Buzz Malone

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