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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living the Dream

Writing is a fool's paradise. It's a ridiculous thing for a grown person to do. It's a terrible waste of time. It's for dreamers who live with their heads in the clouds.
Taking the next step and sharing what you've written with the world is even more foolish. You lay your heart out upon a platter for the world to poke at and pick apart.
If you're not an instant overnight international sensation, someone will always be there to accentuate the negative and push you down even further (if you haven't seen Dinner for Schmucks, my apologies for all of the photo references above. You should see it. It's an awesome movie).
Or, as Frank Sinatra said in the song, That's Life, "Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream."
But, here's the funny thing about writing a novel, or a blog, or pursuing any dream...
You really don't do it to please the masses. You don't do it for the hordes of adoring fans. And you don't do it to become an international sensation, although all of those things wouldn't hurt (even if I am too out of shape to run down the street while screaming women tear at my clothes).
In the words of Jimmy Durante, whatever your dream is, you should do it to "make someone happy, make just one someone happy." 
But still, when you've chosen to follow your dreams and express yourself in a creative way, even though you do it for yourself because you want to, or have to, or need to, or will burst at the seams if you don't...even then...it's a miraculous gift every single time someone pauses to listen, or to look, or to read what you've put out into the world.
And then, every once in a while upon your journey, you discover someone truly inspiring, like Carmen Myrtis-Garcia. Ms. Myrtis-Garcia, who I've never met or spoken to, featured my work recently on her blog, Life Lines. Needless to say, I was quite touched and honored!
But I'm not mentioning Carmen here because she wooed me with accolades. I mention her because unlike my silly little blog (meant largely to keep me out of trouble between novels), hers is genuinely inspirational (and not just the parts about me, even though they are admittedly my personal favorites!).
This is a photo I stole from Carmen! And below are some of my favorite words from her blog:

"You may have fallen short of your intended goals yesterday or this year or the years before, but your path still lies before you today. You can continue moving forward until you cross the victory line into your dreams; until you achieve your goals. Even if you stopped along the way, you can chop down the weeds of frustration, doubt, or whatever caused you to falter. You can clear the path, refocus, and start anew."     -Carmen Myrtis-Garcia-

The point is, of course, that it's never too late to pursue your dreams. If you're still breathing, you've still got time to do something wonderful with your life. When you've discovered what that is, there will always be people trying to talk you out of it, or trying to stomp on that dream...
But it will only strengthen your resolve, and cause you to be that much more appreciative of your family and friends and loved ones (Thank you, Lorri!) who will be supportive of you and your dreams.
It will mean that every time someone reads a blog or a novel you've written, or admired a painting, or stopped to listen to you play your sticks on a five gallon gallon bucket, or said anything even remotely encouraging about the origami pig you spent the last four days perfecting, that you will be grateful and appreciative of them.
And you'll understand the beauty of life, and recognize that dreams aren't always something for only the sleeping hours. And expressing dreams is a wonderful thing, but having someone else appreciate them is nothing this side of miraculous. So, please, wake up and follow your dreams...
Unless those dreams include a tiny demon that strongly resembles something from the Gremlins movie and he is living in a hole in your front yard and is trying to kill you in your sleep at 2:00am (dream from last night; please don't judge me or attempt to psychoanalyze; no really, I don't want to know what it means, but if you happen to see one let me know because I'd like to boot kick the little bastard for keeping me up so late).
Thanks for Reading Everyone! And a very special thank you to my blog followers and regulars who help me prove to my 18 year old son that blogs aren't an antiquated form of expression that nobody will read, and that the mere fact of a 40+ year old man having one does not inherently cause them to be uncool and a thing of the past by proxy. What does he know about being cool anyways? Just look at him. Sheesh. It's just too bad that his dreams don't include a blog of his own or he could respond in some meaningful way, but sadly, most social media outlets used by young people today only allow so many characters so all that he could really say is something like, "Dad=Grrr" which is very sad, because young people are losing the ability and opportunities to articulate themselves, and maybe that's why they all read only vampire novels (which carry much more alarming psychological implications than merely dreaming about a tiny, blood thirsty demon), but I digress (you'll have to look it up, Jesse).
Thanks For Reading!

-Buzz Malone-


  1. Amen...to more than one point made:)

  2. Hally,
    I am going to assume that the bulk of your support is lent toward the part where I have chastised my son. Thank you.

  3. Buzz, don't know how I missed this earlier...those "time flies" hid it from me. But, I am honored that you included me in your musings and, Wow, I'm now actually "quoted." Thanks much. I love your "silly little blog"...in the midst of the humor to make your readers smile lies morsels of down-home philosophy to make us think. Keep up the great work.