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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Literary Agent Query...Take Three

I think I am getting close. This time, after considerable debate and struggle, I have changed the main character of the novel's name back to the original Walter. Lorri and I had went back and forth about calling him Walter because of the resemblance in some of the give and take between characters to the cast of Grumpy Old Men. Therefore, the concern went, it wouldn't be prudent to have a character named Walter, because it may appear that my character is actually emulating Walter Mathau.

In the end, it was decided that if, he indeed is emulating Walter Mathau, then who better to emulate for a book like this one, so who cares if that's how it appears? Also...the character is simply a Walter, no matter how much we tried to make him be a Bernard. Make sense? Well, these, my dear mice, are the ridiculous sort of dilemmas that keep writers up late at night.

Without further adieu, I give you Literary Agent Query number three (actually 303, but it's the third one I have posted for your amusement!). Please email your thoughts and critiques to buzzdmalone@gmail.com

Dear Literary Agent,

What could an ecstatic nursing assistant, an agitated restaurant owner, a chafing state trooper, and an affronted gas station attendant have in common? They’ve all met Walter Mitchell, of course.

In Losing Meadow Brook, my 115,000 word novel, four men are drawn together by the inescapable bond of being the only lucid males at the Meadow Brook Assisted Care Home. When a dying mobster shows up and regales the unlikely quartet with tales of cash buried in Havana, Walter will become obsessed by it.

Walter is convinced the mob is going to kill him for stealing from the dying boss if he doesn’t get out soon. That doesn’t stop him from giving the stolen cash away to a young nurse. Now, he must try and make it all the way to Cuba and find the buried loot before his unwitting partners discover he’s broke. The mob didn’t kill him, but that doesn’t mean his traveling companions won’t leave him for dead.

Harvey Richardson doesn’t even like being in the same room as Walter. Who could blame him? Walter is loud, obnoxious, rude, and following multiple strokes, downright mean at times. If Harvey hadn’t lost a bet, he would have never even left the nursing home. Walter will have to use everything within his manipulative arsenal to ensure they make the journey and get the cash…together.  

Losing Meadow Brook is the story of three men doing everything they can to make it to Havana before Walter drives them all crazy.

In my forty years, I have always been a writer. I am learning every day and I feel that something great is just around the next bend, beyond the next horizon…another paragraph away. 

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