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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

  Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful for everything and everyone that we have in our lives. Like you, I am most grateful for my family and friends and loved ones. Everything else that I have to be grateful for is simply icing upon a magnificent cake.
   One thing that I count as an added blessing has been my love of the written word. It is a wonderful gift for me to have the ability to share a part of myself through my writing. Each and every time that someone honors me by reading something that I have written, I feel so blessed. 
   It never ceases to amaze and humble me to receive an email from someone who has just read one of my books. From Washington State to Florida and almost everywhere in between they have written. I am always amazed at how an independent writer in small town Iowa with no agent or publisher or publicist (or editor!) can be read by people all around the world simply through word of mouth. 
   To show my thanks, and to help get the word out about my new blog, I am happy to announce my Thanksgiving Giveaway
  This entire Thanksgiving weekend, November 22nd through November 25th, I am giving away free Kindle reader versions of The Ghosts of Melrose and Silence of Centerville. On those days, you will be able to go to Amazon and download and read both books for free. Don't have a Kindle? No problem. Amazon also has a free downloadable kindle app so you can read the Kindle version of books right on your computer. All that anyone has to do is visit Amazon on those dates, click on the Kindle version of one of those books, and it will be downloadable, free of charge. There will even be links provided on this site when the giveaway begins.
  This is not a marketing gimmick. It won't cost you anything. I won't even ask you to get on my emailing spam list. I am simply an independent author who would love to share more of my work with more people. If you know anyone who enjoys dramatic or historic fiction, then please pass this along to them. When the promotion is over, I will share with you on this blog exactly how many people got their free Kindle versions of my books! 

Thank you for reading,

Buzz Malone

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