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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jackpot Won't Stop Me!

I posted on Facebook today that I was planning on winning the jackpot and was stressed about what I was going to do with all of my winnings. It really never ceases to amaze me what gets people's attention and what doesn't. I've been writing blogs and FB posts and books and editorials for a number of years now and I am still surprised at what generates the most responses. 

One person messaged me and asked if I won, would I still keep writing books. The answer is that if I won $425 million dollars I would definitely still keep writing books, only with a real professional editor and the best publicist that money could buy. I'll bet that I could even land myself an honest to goodness New York literary agent then too! Not to mention, I'd no doubt be writing my next novel from, shall we say, a slightly more exotic location...but I would keep writing. I have to. I am relatively even keeled when I am writing something and almost downright miserable when I am not. It's sort of an illness really and something that I have always had. 

If nobody ever read a word of anything that I wrote, I'd write anyways and burn the pages when I was done. Fortunately, there are a still a few souls out there in the world who brave through my words, wading through the typos and errors to embark upon a short journey with me. Hemingway once said that there is nothing much to writing, all you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. That's pretty much what it feels like too, when you are 40,000 words into an 80,000 word novella. You spend eight hours working on a handful of pages that will take the average reader about ten minutes to digest. The excitement is gone, it seems impossible to ever make it to the end, and you wonder what on earth possessed to begin such a ridiculous project in the first place. The only way that I ever get to 80,000 from 40,000 is I know that she won't allow me to quit on it. If she gets home and there isn't any progress and nothing new to read, it's hell to pay. 
When it's all over, it isn't perfect (they never are), but they are complete. When a book is finished I am drained. I have nothing creative remaining to offer to the world and it is barely within me to so much as look at the book to edit and polish it. I do the best that I can at the time, but in the past the pressure to churn out another one has been too great and I have cast them into the wind before they were 100% ready. That's why I am going back and revisiting Silence of Centerville while I also work on the next new book. It is just too good of a story to leave it at less than perfect. 
Anyhow, there it is. I will always write. My adoring fans (hi mom) needn't worry about my powerball jackpot winnings standing between them and another book. It is in my blood, and I am too moved every time that someone reads my work. Speaking of which, this weekend, we gave away over 500 copies of Silence for Kindles in the Thanksgiving giveaway! 
Please, check back tomorrow as I am going to begin talking about my new upcoming book a bit! Thanks for reading!
-Buzz Malone-  

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