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Monday, November 12, 2012

If You Read Only One Buzz Malone Book...

   I often get asked the question which book of mine I recommend, or which one is my favorite. Some people will say, "If I only read one of your books, then which one should I read?"
   Usually the answer is something along the lines of, "that depends who you are and what you like."
   If you like dramatic fiction that is heavy on the drama, then I would suggest reading The Ghosts of Melrose. Despite a common misconception, it really isn't about ghosts at all
     If you enjoy westerns like Louis L'Amour then I would tell you to read The Lynching of Hiram Wilson. I didn't intend for it to come off as a western at all, but I have been told by several people who are fans of Louis and westerns that it is. And I know of about half a dozen older gentlemen who have practically begged me to write nothing but westerns from now until I die, promising to purchase every single one of them and probably a few extra copies of each for their grandchildren. 
     Much to the chagrin of my western genre fans, I turned around and wrote Silence of Centerville. I can tell you that no other character in my writing has ever grabbed hold of the plot and taken it away from me like Frank Schantz from Silence. By that, I mean that after I had fully imagined him in my head, he sort of took over and pulled the story along. I would routinely sit down to write a chapter about one thing, and Frank would take the thing in an entirely different direction. And no, I'm not going completely out of my mind; that is just how strong character development works sometimes. 
     I loved the story in The Ghosts of Melrose, but as a writer, I am most proud of my work in Silence of Centerville. That is not to say that it is perfect. It isn't. There are mistakes that I overlooked and typos that an editor would have caught. There is even the occasional word that I would love to go back and replace. But that is writing. No matter what it is, if you put it in a drawer, six months later you will look at a sentence and want to change a word here and there. All of that aside and Silence remains my personal favorite. Beyond just a story, I believe it is an important piece of fabric in our quilt of social history. 
     There you have it. I have named my favorite and the one that I would most recommend. And don't just take my word for it either because all of the Amazon boom reviews are posted on my site. You can read them all by clicking on the 'reviews' button on the above right hand side of this page. 
     Now, if you really want to read my favorite piece of writing that I have created, my absolute favorite book...is the one that I am writing right now. More about that later! 

With this new blog I intend to go back and answer the questions that I have received in my email so everyone can read the answers. If you'd like to comment or ask something new, please email me at buzzdmalone@gamil.com        

Thanks for reading!


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