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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Kindle Books This Weekend!

   This weekend I am giving away the E-Version my books, Silence of Centerville and The Ghosts of Melrose on Amazon for Kindle. You don't need a Kindle to get them either because there is an app that can be downloaded onto your computer. I will post the links on this site on Thursday morning and I encourage you to share it with all of your friends, relatives, and even the 674 Facebook 'friends' that you have never met before and probably wouldn't meet in person even on a bet.
   Right now, you're probably asking yourself what the catch is, or if I have turned into some crazy used car salesman. The answer is that there isn't any catch. It doesn't cost anything and I don't make anything off the deal at all. Furthermore, I haven't turned into a crazy used car salesman from seventies, but only because I can't currently afford the jewelry (even fake stuff), or a polyester leisure suit (vintage clothing is very expensive these days). 
   The real reason that I am having this promotion is twofold. I am an independent author. With no advertising budget, I rely 100% upon word of mouth to promote my books. I want more people to read my work because, surprisingly enough, a lot of folks who read the E-version of them turn right around and buy the paperback version. Some of them will buy several to pass on to others. 
   The second reason is that I am trying to get the most out of the miracle of independent, print-on-demand publishing. One of the amazing things about this type of publishing in the modern era is that anyone can publish anything in any number they desire. That means that I can upload a book, design a cover, press a button, and someone in Peru can order a single copy immediately. The days of writers buying a garage full of books, or publishers deciding who gets to write what, are over!
   For me, it has created an environment where I am very close with my readers. They post reviews and send me emails and call numbers out of the phone book until relatives give them my phone cell phone number (thanks Dad), so they can tell me what they thought about my work. It sounds like a hassle but I love it. Some of my favorite phone calls have been these hour long intrusions by eighty year old strangers who called to tell me what I got right...and what I got wrong and what I ought to write next. I have other readers who are English majors and even a professor who complain about my use of the wrong words and typos that I made, etc.
   This interaction creates a relationship between the readers and the writer that has never existed before now. This winter, as I am writing my next novel, I will also be rewriting The Ghosts of Melrose and Silence of Centerville. I will be changing things that I don't like about them, editing things that I missed in the first go around, and trying to polish them to perfection for the ages using the feedback that I have received and the feedback I get from this giveaway. It means that almost like a choose your adventure book, that you can have some say in how these stories are refurbished! Pretty cool, huh? I think so. 
   As much as I want to look ahead and keep writing new things, I want to give the best that I have to offer to the stories that I have already written. They deserve it and I owe it to them. Even professional reviewers who have really wanted to give me bad reviews because of mistakes in structure or grammar couldn't do it because they loved the stories. Take this one from a very tough professional book critic about The Ghosts of Melrose:

"Although there were a couple things that bothered me, I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars, because the story that is told is unforgettable."

   Truthfully, there were a lot more than a "couple of things" that bothered her. I mean, she let my first book have it with critique. She tore me up and in her private correspondence she admitted that she wanted badly to dislike the book but that she couldn't. It was made even more difficult for her when her mother read it, loved it, and requested additional copies for friends. Ouch.  
   The point is, of course, that we have an opportunity to make good stories great and we can do it together. Sound fun? I hope it does because I am excited about it and it shouldn't be terribly painful for readers because the majority of the people who have read the entire books and given me feedback have enjoyed the stories within them, not to mention they are relatively short, easy reads anyways. 
   Remember, the free Kindle versions will be available Thursday through Sunday on Amazon. The links are below. And please, email me after you have read them even if you have negative feedback because I always love to hear from readers. It really is the best part about independent publishing!

Thanks for reading!

-Buzz Malone-

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