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Friday, November 9, 2012

Brand New Blog, Same Old Buzz

This is it America! The last blog that I will EVER create (yeah, right). I'm not sure how many this makes for me, but I do know that people were beginning to get confused by them all. And, if you think that you were getting confused then just imagine how I was feeling about the whole thing! So, to make it all simpler for my adoring fans (hi mom!), and myself, I have done away with all the other blogs and the website and created just one single blog to focus all of my unemployed energies on. 

Some angry readers have contacted me wondering what happened to my political satire blog and if I am bringing it back. The answer is that the blog is gone and I have no immediate intentions of creating another one. The other answer is that if you are writing (or reading) political blogs, then you are probably going to angry pretty much most of the time about something or someone anyways, so why not let it be at me? As for me, I am seeking out the finer things in life to focus my energies on like people, places, food, sunsets, and laughter. 

To that end, I am working on a new book this winter and it is way different than the other three. I have proven to myself that I possess the ability to make people's heart ache with my words. I'd like to see if I can accomplish the opposite now and make them smile and laugh. 

Also towards that same end, one of the blogs I have dismalntled was a books blog. It was supposed to be about writing, but it quickly devolved into a place to store my own personal stories about my life's three stooges moments. To the readers who have been sick with worry that those stories are lost and gone forever I have good news...I will re-post them here beginning with the story of a crazy mule named Gravy.

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